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Trimming Tips: When and How to Cut Back Perennials and Ornamental Grasses

The best time to cut back perennials and ornamental grasses depends on the specific type of plant. In general, it is recommended to cut back perennials and ornamental grasses in late fall or early spring, after the foliage has died back and the plants have gone dormant.

For perennials, cutting them back in the fall can help prevent disease and pest problems during the winter. However, in Texas with harsh and random winters, it may be better to wait until early spring to avoid exposing the plants to potential winter damage. In either case, be sure to cut the foliage back to about 2-3 inches above the ground level.

For ornamental grasses, it's generally recommended to wait until late winter or early spring to cut them back. Leaving the foliage intact over the winter can help protect the plant from freezing temperatures and provide some winter interest in the garden. In late winter or early spring, you can cut the grass back to about 2-3 inches above the ground level before new growth begins.

It's worth noting that some ornamental grasses, such as evergreen grasses, may not need to be cut back at all. Instead, you can simply trim away any damaged or dead foliage as needed throughout the year. Pink Muhly grass can be cut down to a height of about two-thirds to half of the full summer size, you don't want to chop these low. Mexican feather grass does great with low trimming.

Overall, the best time to cut back perennials and ornamental grasses will depend on the specific plant and the climate. If you're unsure when to cut back your plants feel free to message us at 469-336-9980 or

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