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Winter Freeze Damage

We had a cold spell in late December that caused many tender plants to drop their leaves or turn brown. The first thought might be to rip them out and prepare for new plants in the spring. Others will also trim the dead off are heavily prune the plant. It's best to wait right now and see how they react, we'll have to learn to live with ugly. One of the hardest hits plants is the Sago Palm. All their fonds will turn a nasty yellow color if it gets cold enough, they can usually tolerate around 15 degrees. We witnessed them really get hammered by the cold in the 2020 freeze, lots of them surprisingly came back though, all that needed to be done was to trim the old growth off. An excellent way to tell is if the trunk is still firm, if it's feeling a little mushy then it may be too far gone. Our best tip will be to wait it out a little bit and to live with the ugly until springtime.

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